De Parel | Glamping & Tiny Houses Zeewolde
De Parel | Glamping & Tiny Houses Zeewolde
De Parel | Glamping & Tiny Houses Zeewolde
De Parel | Glamping & Tiny Houses Zeewolde

Mystical spaces to discover

Let yourself be surprised by a unique glamping with accommodations that you will not find anywhere else!


Holiday park De Parel is located in the middle of the beautiful Horsterwold forest, right beside the water. A place where you don't have to do anything at all, and everything is allowed. A place where you are completely free, where you can relax, let your creativity flow and where you find new inspiration.

In the morning you wake up to the singing of birds and the fresh scent from the surrounding forest. In the area, the tranquility of nature is always nearby. There is a multitude of water sport options in the park and in the vicinity. Our own beach, adventure, rest, sports and nature are always accessible in the middle of the Horsterwold.

Looking for fun? Then enjoy a delicious drink in the beach lounge. In the evening you can light your own barbecue or take a seat in our cozy restaurant. You end the day around a campfire, talking about life or listening to great music.

Do you want to work from this wonderful environment or combine vacation and work? De Parel has a fast WiFi connection via our fiber optic cable network and our tiny houses offer possibilities with actual office space as well or to work from your private terrace.

Everyone will find relaxation in our park where a choice can be made for a stay between comfortable glampings and luxurious lodges.

However you decide to fill in your days, you will lack nothing in De Parel holiday park.


When are you coming to De Parel?


To do, explore & experience


The Horsterwold

Discover all kinds of pearls and hidden places in the largest continuous forest of deciduous trees in the Netherlands.

Nearby cities

In addition to the beautiful nature, there are also plenty of beautiful cities to visit in the area. Discover Harderwijk or Zeewolde.

Oasis De Parel

Do you feel like relaxing or are you going on an adventure? There is plenty to do on the De Parel site.

Swimming and water activities

What could be better than a refreshing dip in natural water on a hot summer day. Or how about being active on the water?

Visit and discover Glamping De Parel