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✨ A magical Christmas and cozy days ✨

A warm welcome, an oasis of serene peace, optimal relaxation and cozy activities; together you will have the most wonderful time!
The Christmas vacations at the Pearl are all about precious moments and winter activities.


Resort de Parel

Resort de Parel is located in the middle of the beautiful Horsterwold forest, right on the water. A place where you don't have to do anything at all, but everything is allowed. A place where you are completely free, can relax, let your creativity flow and where you can find new inspiration.

In the morning you wake up to the singing of the birds and the fresh scents of the surrounding forest. Our own beach, adventure, rest, sport and nature are always accessible in the middle of the Horsterwold.

Do you need fun? Then enjoy a delicious drink in the beach lounge. You end the day around the campfire, talking about life or listening to great music.

Omgeving Parel

Our guests rate this accommodation with an average of 9.3.


October activities

At Resort de Parel you don't have to do anything, you can participate in everything. Sign up at check-in!


To do, explore & experience


The Horsterwold

Discover all kinds of pearls and hidden places in the largest continuous forest of deciduous trees in the Netherlands.

Nearby cities

In addition to the beautiful nature, there are also plenty of beautiful cities to visit in the area. Discover Harderwijk or Zeewolde.

Culinary enjoyment

Enjoy a diverse culinary experience with an extensive menu, delightful wines, and cocktails.

Oasis De Parel

Do you feel like relaxing or are you going on an adventure? There is plenty to do on the De Parel site.

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