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A day at Resort de Parel

The perfect holiday

Wake up after a wonderful night at Resort de Parel. Enjoy nature. 🍃 After all, you are in the largest deciduous forest in the Netherlands. It's time for breakfast! Luckily, you ordered this yesterday via our website and delicious fresh rolls are now waiting for you at reception. During the walk to our reception, look around and enjoy the various views Resort de Parel has to offer.

After your tasty breakfast with a delicious cup of coffee, it's time to do something. ☕ But what? The choices are endless. Go to one of the surrounding cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Harderwijk or Almere or is it time to become one with nature and take a nice walk through the quiet core in Zeewolde? 🏙



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Not looking forward to leaving our park today? You will never be bored at our resort. Rent a supboard and take to the water. 🌊 There are also always several Slow-Play activities, such as Yoga, available to do with your friends or family. In addition, Resort de Parel naturally has lovely wellness facilities like a sauna or hot tub. What will be the choice today? 🧖‍♀

Night is falling and it's time for dinner. Do you hire a BBQ or would you rather slide into our restaurant and indulge yourself all evening with the tastiest dishes and most delicious wines. 🍷

After dinner, your day is not done yet! Take a seat at the beach bar, enjoy the view and play games with your friends or family or have a good conversation late into the night. All while enjoying a nice drink and the most surprising appetisers.

You go home, lie down on your boxpring and wonder what tomorrow will bring. ✨


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