Resort de Parel

A Stay at Resort de Parel💭

It's Wednesday evening, and you're sitting at the dining table in your cozy apartment, surrounded by the everyday sounds of city life. The clinking of cutlery against plates, the gentle hum of the refrigerator, and occasionally the rushing sound of cars on the street. You've just enjoyed a tasty meal, and now you're getting your home ready for a new workday awaiting you tomorrow. But, vacation time is almost here.

Your phone lights up and vibrates on the table, a notification from Resort de Parel. "Bags packed yet? Your stay at the Parel is about to begin!" A wave of excitement washes over you, and suddenly the hours until your vacation seem endless. You count down as you finish up the last tasks for the day, set your out-of-office reply on your emails, and finally start packing your suitcase for the long-awaited vacation.

Friday afternoon, the air filled with the promise of an approaching weekend and the freedom of vacation. You get into your car, a sense of excitement in your stomach as you head towards Resort de Parel. The drive feels like a journey to another world, the sun slowly setting as you near your destination.

Upon arrival, you're greeted by the friendly smile of the receptionist, her brown hair shining in the soft light of the reception area. With a warm welcome, she guides you through the ins and outs of the resort, even though you've already gone over all the information multiple times in your excitement. The key to your accommodation is handed over. Time to explore the resort.

As you explore the grounds, you feel the stress of daily life slipping away. You see a range of facilities and activities waiting to be discovered: from beach volleyball to relaxing in the sauna. The resort seems like a world of its own, a sanctuary from everyday worries and responsibilities.

Finally, you arrive at your villa. With a sigh of relief, you turn the key in the lock and push open the door to your temporary home. You feel a wave of peace wash over you as you explore the villa, every detail carefully designed to create a sense of luxury and comfort.

Not long after, you find yourself immersed in the warm water of your jacuzzi. It's a moment of pure bliss, a taste of the adventures to come in the next few days. This is what you've been looking forward to, this is vacation in its purest form.

You are rudely awakened by the annoying sound of your alarm clock. Forgotten to turn it off. Oh well, no chance of sleeping in today. You roll over in bed and suddenly notice the silence.

When was the last time you heard absolutely nothing? You cherish the moment of peace and tranquility. As you glance at the clock, you see that it's already 09:15, which means the sandwiches you ordered online yesterday afternoon are waiting for you at the reception.

After a hearty breakfast, it's time to pack your bag for today's activity: the Stille Kern. You've always been a nature lover, but the thought of seeing such a large, human-made nature reserve with your own eyes excites you. That afternoon is a series of impressive moments. You spot wild Konik horses from the lookout point, enjoy a simple yet delicious lunch on a sunny bench, and on the way back, you even see a group of deer at the edge of the forest.

Back at the resort, you notice that it's already 15:30. Since you weren't sure what time you'd be back, you didn't sign up for the wine tasting at 16:00, although the receptionist had recommended it. Luckily, there was still a spot available for you! The evening slips by, but you consciously experience every moment - a feeling that you sometimes seem to lose in city life. After a few glasses of wine and a delicious dinner, you lie back in silence. This is simply blissful, you think as you close your eyes.

It's 11:30 when you wake up startled. When was the last time you stayed up this late? You almost feel embarrassed by the amount of sleep you've had, but you feel more rested than ever. You start the day without breakfast and put together a delicious brunch with ingredients you picked up at the supermarket.

In the afternoon, you grab the SUP and explore the waters of the Horsterwold. Later, you relax in the sauna at the central wellness center, followed by a final dip in the jacuzzi. As you gaze out over the forest, you wonder if you ever want this vacation to end. The question hangs in the air, unanswered, as you take in the tranquility of the surroundings.