Resort de Parel
De Parel

Camper Spot | XXL 150M2

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Netherlands, Zeewolde



  1. At the forest edge
  2. By the water


Camper place of 150 M2 for campers up to 10 meters in length

Spacious, partially paved camper location at the edge of the forest

Enjoy an adventurous vacation in all the luxury that your own camper offers at our camper locations. 

In addition to a beautiful, natural view, our spacious, paved places of approximately 150 m² have a water connection and 16 amps of electricity so you can enjoy all the amenities of your own camper.

Although our camping spots are designed with luxury and comfort in mind, we understand that some guests prefer more privacy and self–sufficiency. That is why we do not have a sanitation building at our location.

While you wake up to the whisper of the wind through the trees, you can enjoy the amenities that our resort has to offer. 

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    Omgeving ,zeer vriendelijk personeel.welness ,natuur en de prachtige omgeving Strand met ligplekken en beachbar!

    May 2024 - s k.