Resort de Parel
culinaire deal

Culinary Box

  • Culinary lodge & villa
  • With luxurious outdoor kitchen
  • Good restaurant in the park

Resort de Parel presents: Culinary Box

Culinary enjoyment and a holiday is, if you ask us, the perfect combination! At Resort de Parel you can book a special overnight stay in combination with our Culinary Box. This deal includes free charcoal for your BBQ, a tasty piece of meat, fish and vegetarian food per person, freshly baked baguette & spreads and delicious salads and side dishes. And all that in the middle of nature! Laughing, living and enjoying is the motto of the culinary homes. These houses have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

Culinaire Box 🍽

Geen zin om aan boodschappen te denken? We've got you covered.

Your advantage:

✦ Charcoal for your BBQ & firelighters
✦ A nice piece of meat, fish & vegetarian
✦ Freshly baked baguette & spreads
✦ Delicious salads and side dishes

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