Resort de Parel
Vakantiehuis met hottub

Holiday home with hot tub or jacuzzi

  • Special overnight stay in nature
  • Luxury wellness lodges and glamping accommodations
  • Extensive catering

Experience the magic of a holiday home with jacuzzi

Ultimate relaxation, who wouldn't want that? Get away from the hectic everyday life and enjoy each other in beautiful surroundings. At De Parel, you can completely unwind in a unique holiday home with hot tub or jacuzzi. Can you imagine it? Totally unwind with each other or your family in the middle of the woods of Horsterwold in Flevoland. After your wellness moment, you can continue relaxing, for example by enjoying our international cuisine at Restaurant De Parel. Let De Parel surprise you with our unique holiday experience!


Will you choose a Jacuzzi or hot tub? ⤵︎

Your overnight stay with hot tub or jacuzzi

During your holiday at de Parel, you won't just spend the night in a cottage or glamping accommodation with wood-fired hot tub or jacuzzi. Our cottages have much more unique to offer. For example, choose a cottage with a roof terrace or choose a cottage with a glass roof allowing you to watch the beautiful starry sky from your bed. Your sleep has never been better. Did you know you can even bring your dog to your cottage with hot tub or jacuzzi? Whatever you choose, you will find complete relaxation during your stay at De Parel.

Discover the beautiful surroundings of de Parel ⤵︎

    Walking and cycling in Horsterwold

    There are several paved and unpaved routes through Horsterwold. Who knows, during your walk you might encounter a roe deer, wild horse, fallow deer, fox or Scottish Highlanders!

    Visit Hanseatic and fortified town of Harderwijk

    Discover Harderwijk's rich history and visit one of its hundred national monuments. The castles of Staverden and De Essenburg are also worth a visit.

    Lots of water fun at Wolderwijd

    De Parel is located near the water. This means you can ideally do water sports from the park, but also relax at, for example, Horst beach or Telstar Beach.

What other guests asked us

What is the difference between a hot tub and jacuzzi?

A Jacuzzi is a variation of the hot tub, where air is pumped into the water to create a soothing bubbling experience. In contrast, a hot tub is heated by wood firing, bringing the water up to temperature naturally. At De Parel, you can choose holiday homes with jacuzzi or hot tub.