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From Combi oven to sauna to the stove; we hope you are as enthouisiast about the technology in our vacation homes as we are. On this page you will find an explanation of all important appliances!

Combi Magnetron/Oven

  1. Press menu

  2. Select the heating method or microwave.

  3. In the chart you can find the temperature range of each mode.

  4. Set the power or temperature. 

  5. Do the same for the time.

  6. Press play. The oven will automatically tell you when it is ready!


  • Press the power button to turn the air conditioner on or off 
  • Press the up&down arrows to set the desired temperature
  • Press the 'FAN' button to set the fan speed.
  • Press the 'MODE' button to set the mode.
  • The modes are:
    • Cooling Sjabloon Sneeuwvlok Pictogram | PosterMyWall
    • Heating zon icoon. gemakkelijk schets stijl. helderheid symbool, intensiteit  instelling, helder, licht, warmte, energie concept. lijn vector illustratie  geïsoleerd Aan wit achtergrond. eps 10. 17352122 - Download Free Vectors,  Vector Bestanden, Ontwerpen Templates
    • Dry air 
  • The icon appears at the top of the display 
  • Press this button for Comfortable Sleep Mode

To ensure a wonderful stay for the next guests as well, we request that you do not use any other modes or buttons during your stay. If you still have questions about the air conditioning please contact reception.




Instructievideo combi-oven


Instructievideo airconditioning