Resort de Parel

The Horsterwold

What can you do in Horsterwold?

There are super many fun things to do and see in Horsterwold! Hiking, cycling, mountain biking, picnicking and playing outdoor games in the largest contiguous deciduous forest in the Netherlands. You don't want to miss that during your holiday! You might even spot a roe deer, wild horse or fallow deer during your visit to Horsterwold.

Hiking and biking through the Horsterwold

Walking and cycling in the Horsterwold. You don't have to go anywhere, because you're already there. This very large contiguous deciduous forest is a beautiful nature area for lovely walks. You will regularly encounter roe deer, wild horses, fallow deer, foxes and countless species of birds. At reception, you can get more information and hire bicycles.

Mountain biking through Horsterwold

Mountain bike through the largest deciduous forest in the Netherlands. Near Resort de Parel, a route starts that is mainly characterised by its single tracks through the woods, over the dike and along the water of the Wolderwijd. Besides this route, there are many more routes to explore in the vicinity.

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