Resort de Parel
Vakantie in juni

Celebrate your holidays in June

  • Avoid the main season
  • Special overnight stay in nature
  • Optional with wellness

Discover Resort de Parel in June

Would you like to go on holiday before the main season? Perhaps because it is just a little quieter then? Then you have come to the right place at Resort de Parel. With us, you can't help but completely unwind in your own luxury lodge or glamping accommodation together. Whether you are looking for a culinary holiday, a workout or a true wellness experience, Resort de Parel has it all. Would you like an even more unique overnight stay? How about a cottage where you can look at the stars from your bed? Our park is located near the Veluwemeer, where you can enjoy recreational activities, or opt for a walk through the Horsterwold? However you spend your day, at Resort de Parel you are guaranteed an unforgettable holiday in June.

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